I'm sooooo good at falling down a hill.

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False. I practice at least twice as hard as you. Therefore, I fall twice as fast. It’s #science

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> opportunity usually shows up dressed in overalls looking like hard work

> It takes working hard to learn how to work smart

A counter-point to these rules to advise youngsters: (a) the only people who engage in "life long learning" has never learned in life, they are either pretending to learn, or learning to pretend, (b) most self-help products are valued by their theatric value, not utility distinct from free sources, and definitely not accountability akin to therapy. (c) the more posture one does, the more likely it is a con, where grunt work knowledge is trivial, the strategy is opaque and implied to be a win-win, but really it is really to benefit the guru first.

Reference from Venkatesh Rao of Ribbonfarm: https://archive.ph/QZd4c https://archive.ph/hkurX https://archive.ph/cIXxD https://archive.ph/juUOx

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