Howdy, I’m Stew.

I’m an entrepreneur who launches startups in frontier industries: cannabis, artificial intelligence, and online writing.

I share hard-earned lessons and musings here on Substack.

My writing focuses on a handful of related themes: reimagining what our careers can be, striving, and how we can leverage the Internet to accelerate our careers and impact.

I send my best writing to the 2,900+ people on my email list here. This is the best place to keep in touch and get to know me.

My story in 12 bullet points:

  • Born on the coast of Virginia. Grew up surfing and cleaning out old ladies’ attics for money.

  • Taught myself how to write code after a scammer posing as a for-hire software engineer stole my life savings.

  • Co-founded and led engineering at one of the first publicly-traded tech companies in the cannabis industry.

  • Burned out and quit.

  • Started journaling to figure out what to do next. Fell back in love with writing. Started this blog.

  • Took my first vacation in 5 years. Went to the Galapagos Islands with Richard Dawkins. Gave him good book advice and terrible investment advice.

  • Launched a satirical newsletter called TechLoaf (think: The Onion for the tech industry). For a moment, I thought it might be a good business. It wasn’t.

  • Decided to launch another tech company. Cold emailed Paul Allen’s AI2 Incubator and helped spin out a mind-bending text-to-speech company called WellSaid (they just raised a $10M Series A).

  • Once WellSaid was off the ground, a friend recruited me to join his startup Banzai as their CTO. I led engineering there through a $7M Series A.

  • Burned out again. Quit.

  • Decided to merge my personal passions with my business pursuits. Otherwise, I’d burn out again. The jury is still out on this one.

  • Co-founded Foster to help hobbyist and indie writers like me (and maybe you?) write better stuff.

You can connect and get to know me better alongside 2,900+ other people (mostly founders, writers, and investors) on my email list below.

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Stew Fortier
Co-Founder of Foster.