Sitemap - 2018 - Stew's Letter

Wake Up, Sheeples: Evolution Has Made Us Conformists

Writing Is Hard

From Niches To Riches

Genius Can't Be Taught

How To Get Rich (Or Die Trying)

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Most People Are Terrified To Admit They Don't Know Something And It’s Hilarious

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An Outrageous Pitch That I Hope Will Convince You To Read An Essay That Recently Rocked My World

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An Important Update On The Whole “Baby On Board” Thing

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Focusmate: Strange In Theory, Amazing In Practice

A Thing That Most People Who Read Stew's Letter Already Know But I Felt Compelled To Articulate Again

Strong Opinion On Completely Trivial Thing That I Am Unlikely To Change And Could Actually See Myself Doubling Down On If Challenged

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A Supremely Wild Fact About Alligators That Seems Worth Sharing

Maybe Luck Isn’t A Random, Nebulous Thing After All

Before You Return To Rage Tweets And Sensationalist Clickbait, Here's An Incredibly Cool Thing That Happened Today

The Rate Of Change Tends To Compound So Things Are About To Get Even More Nuts

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A Few Things I Observed While Hanging Out At A Lake That Are Absurd When Contrasted Against Most Of Human History

A Clever Exercise That Illustrates How Difficult It Is To Communicate Effectively

The History Of Lawns Contains Some Eternal Wisdom So Listen Up

A Bad Thing That Could Have Easily Happened Not That Long Ago, But Would Be Highly Unlikely To Occur Today

Fire Quote (That I Stole From Steven Pinker's TED Talk)

Mind-Stretching Factoid About How Much Things Have Changes

Apparently People Found The Pickle Jokes Pretty Entertaining So Let's Keep That Going

Maybe "Genius" Is Just Baseline Ability Times Effort

An Interesting Anecdote That Recently Challenged My Worldview

Why It Is Important To Treat Communication Seriously As A Skill That Can Be Improved

Yes, The Human Race Does Tons of Dumb Stuff But We Also Overcome The Impossible All The Time

A Wildly-Oversimplified Summary Of What The TED Conference Is Like

Thought Experiment That Has Made Me Start Questioning Everything I Do And Spend Money On

Career Update That Seems Worth Sharing If For No Other Reason Than Assuring You I’m Spending Less Time Aimlessly Pacing Around My Apartment

Quote That Gets Me Juiced

Why You Should Get Good At Being Miserable

Opinion I Don’t Share Often But Will Share Here Because Barely Anybody Reads This And So The Hate Mail Is Likely To Be Manageable

A Somewhat Important Update On The Pickle-Cucumber Thing

Epic Quote That Gets Me Juiced

Welcome To Stew's Letter

Interesting Factoid That Recently Expanded My Worldview

Strong Opinion That I Am Unlikely To Change

Thing I Definitely Should Have Known Earlier In Life

Genius Is Only Obvious In Hindsight

Proof-Of-Work (For Dummies!)